Thursday, 26 March 2009





Luella S/S 09 Collection.

Final Design Illustrations

My kitchen. My colour palette has emerged from this room.


This is a label i deigned for my collection. I wanted to keep it simple but effective, using less colour as possible. I cropped a piece from my country kitchen which i was inspired by.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

My lovely Nan with her apron on christmas day!

Printed and embroidery sample on callico apron

Printed sample on callico apron

Knit sample 9

Knit sample 8

Knit sample 7

Knit sample 6

Knit sample 5

Knit sample 4
For this sample i used a finer yarn in black to create that webbed look. When it's stretched you can hardly see the black which is effective because it makes you think that the yarn is floating.

Knit sample 1

This is one of of the knitt samples i made which i believe will be in my final collection. I used the ladder technique to get the stripe effect, and the hem technique to get the layering in purple. I used a man made woolly feel yarn for this.